PSA: Gutter Clean Out

Hey guys. Just want to post quick about the dangers of gutter cleaning. Today I was cleaning out gutters for a small apartment complex, single and two-story gutters. I was really moving today, trying to knock it out quickly and get paid. BUT misfortune struck, as she is want to do, and on the LAST row of apartments, I found a large ground hornets nest in the gutters. They were not happy. I was stung 12 times before I could escape.

Lesson: Even though you are moving quickly and efficiently, never forget that there are things that could be in those gutters and, while moving with a purpose, have a subtle air of caution as well.


Pygmy wasps are worse than being shot


Thats probably what they were. Just swarmed like ground hornets so I just substituted names.

Ouch. I feel for you. I can’t stand getting stung.

That’s a real bummer. I’m allergic to bees and wasps etc…I would of had to shoot myself with a unnecessarily large needle and rush to the e.r.

Went to one the other day, it’s no joke. Be careful.

Thanks man, hah all swollen, looks like I have cankles.