PSA: Check your heart

I’m not posting this for any ‘get well’ messages or sympathy, just wanted to pass on what I’ve been through so it may help you guys.

I had a near heart attack in 2005, caught it in time and they installed a stent. Fast forward to this year (and especially after getting covid last year) I started feeling angina again so they confirmed a 70% restriction.

Long story short, I now have three stents, my right side had an 80% restriction with “considerable calcification” so I was on the table for 1.5 hours getting that fixed. It was so bad they used ultrasound to ‘crack’ the calcified walls just to get the stent in.

I now have what are called PVC’s, basically extra BS beats that don’t do anything. I’m on a heart monitor, if this medication doesn’t calm that down I’ll go back in for an ablation.

Please guys, if you feel excessively tired, worn down and have a chest/neck ache go get a stress test and ECG. No customer wants to see a washer splayed out on their lawn😆


Hang in there Brock, sorry to hear about your heart and health- challenging health issues like this can to add to life’s stresses and anxiety’s. Take care of yourself!


Take care of yourself @dcbrock !!! Every day on the green side of the dirt is a bonus. On a similar note, getting CPR certified is something I need to take care of. I had a customer get all wobbly in mid conversation for several seconds & I realized I would be useless other than making a phone call had he collapsed in front of me.

Funny you should say that Jason, I had a conversation with the ER nurse and she said don’t even bother with the two breaths, but go directly to chest compressions if they don’t have a pulse. She said to expect the ribs to crack, pushing about 2.5" deep.

Man - sorry to hear that and thanks for the wake up call. I need to get checked at some point. Hope you’re doing better man.

Are they attributing it to anything? Genes, habits, etc. Are they recommending you do anything to help it?

Well, they think it’s mostly genetics but I don’t have any living family left to check history so they’re guesstimating. Per the Dr I’m good to go artery wise but on a calcium channel blocker to try and calm down these extra beats.

I was on metoprolol for three doses but had really effed up dreams.

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It’s hard to change them genetics.
Glad you’re doing better.

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First off hope you stay well and take care of yourself. I’m 36 and just started going to the doctor again. I’ve been to a gut doctor, heart doctor, and have had some lab work done. At first I was like they are just racking up their pockets, but honestly I’m glad my doctor has been very thorough. I think us men tend to neglect ourselves. All of y’all stay strong and safe!

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