Protective floor covering for open trailer

What are some of you using to cover trailer flooring? I am building a new open trailer and want to put some type of rubber flooring or spray covering to help prolong the life of the trailer. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

I read a lot about this when setting up a trailer recently. Rubber horse mats from tractor supply and truck bed liner seemed to be two of the most popular.

I went with the roll on bed liner from Harbor Freight. Called Iron Armor Truck Bed Coating. You can spray or roll. I rolled. Only about $50 a gallon before any discounts. I needed a little over one can for two coats on a 6 x 12 so I just ended up going 3 coats. It is a smoother type of finish. Easy application and has held up well for about 3 months. It really hasn’t been phased by straight SH. Very happy with it so far. Especially since it was such a great price after 20% off coupons.

Maybe someone else has used this product and can chime in on longevity.

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I used Vortex spray on liners to do my enclosed trailer and 3 years of abuse it is still holding strong. Lots of SH spilled on it…

Thanks for the replies. I’m thinking something like the rubber liners so I can keep the SH from getting on the axles and crossmembers of the trailer. I’ll post some picks as I build it. It’s going to be nice to have the hot water soon.

I have durabak liner in my trailer hold up well. And it works great on wood.