Protecting deck/ ramps when house washing

Hey guys so when house washing if there is a wood or composite deck attached to the house, how to you protect it from get over spray / droplets on it. The same goes for people who have wood handicap ramps. Do you just keep the deck wet while working and rise well afterwards? Or do you guys have any special techniques?

A- wet it
B- tarp it
C- wash it

I typically choose “c” if it’s not a large deck.

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You could just cover it with something that won’t allow the solution to get on the wood. Maybe a tarp, some heavy duty plastic sheeting… don’t over think it

I don’t do anything other than wet it down a bit before I start. If the wood is in good shape and has a good stain or sealer on it, a normal HW mix isn’t strong enough to do anything to it. If anything the deck right up against the house looks a little cleaner. Even if it’s in rough shape, worst case is some of it is now clean. It never looks bad or spotted. It’s easy to apologize for slightly cleaning something up against the thing you’re paid to clean. I’ve got a few deck washing jobs out of the customer seeing just what the cleaner will do for their deck.

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I agree with @Nickski Don’t waste your time tarping it.
Wash house
Collect check

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