Protecting Ceiling Fans

Who has a great method for protecting ceiling fans? I have been using 55 gallon liners (drum liners) unsuccessfully, and just kind of patching bags together trying to protect them. I have a neighborhood that I have been working in where everyone has 2-3 different patios, porches, enclosures, etc. I would really like to find a better method to avoid getting water inside or having to be super cautious and pump spray really nasty exposed rafters…

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I tell the homeowner to have fan taken down before we arrive or we don’t wash the ceiling. I bought several years ago that i wrapped in trash bags or plastic. Stlll got fried. Not worth the headache

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I have never had a problem with them.

Well, I haven’t thought about taking it down. That’s a good idea. If they are willing to do it obviously. I could totally see someone saying “feel free to take it down if that’s what you want”.

Which I wouldn’t.

Because of course it wouldn’t work afterwards.

What does that response even mean? Fans are electric… I clean with water. Maybe you will have a problem soon.

Not worth the headache for you. The free tarps from harbor freight draped around it like a Christmas tree skirt and spring clipped to the blades will cover the motor so you can wash near it if you’re worried about them.

All my houses washes get a heads up on the phone and an email before I show up with a couple things the homeowner needs to have ready. One is all exterior electronics taken inside and all exterior lights are to be off when I get there and no bags are to be removed or anything reenergized until it’s completely dry.

Never had a problem washing close to them.

Today a back deck without stairs didn’t get the siding washed because two bright blue chair cushions were still on the chairs. I followed up at 5:30 and explained to the homeowner who completely understood and his wife immediately put a great review on our Facebook page after that.

If you tell them why you need stuff ready when you get there they’re a lot happier you didn’t wash the area and ruin stuff.


outdoor furniture wont bleach out

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Man, you should have moved the cushions and cleaned that spot! It was two cushions!


I’m sorry…

“Without stairs”

Reading is fundamental, I understand now.


I don’t really risk it if I haven’t done a test spot. I have been to houses with covered decks and have been told the furniture can’t get wet. Silly choice for outdoor furniture, but not my house. Lol

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If it’s a sweet old lady who can’t take down her outdoor speakers, do you walk from the job or help her out?

I would’ve definitely moved them if I could’ve. Decks without stairs I won’t even put a ladder against most times.

It depends on her taste in music. :joy:

I probably use a dozen trash bags on light fixtures, speakers, and what-not, at every house I do. I don’t ask anyone to move anything. I just factor it in.

People really take down their outdoor speakers? They remove their patio televisions? They take down their FANS for you?!

I would get funny looks… but maybe I should try it.

If it’s not easily removable I’ll bag it. But no. Never had anyone take down a fan or TV. If there’s a TV and I have to hand wash a section that’s extra though.

I use the small bathroom trash bags and tie them in a knot around stuff or get as close as I can. I carry a couple microfiber towels in my back pockets and on my way around there’s always something that gets hand wiped.

maybe I am lucky.
Most homes I clean have a back porch with fans and some front porches have them too.
Never had an issue.
Maybe cause I foam the homes?
no idea but then maybe I am just lucky.

Ok, we are on the same page now. I imagined every one of your customers removing all of that stuff.

Am I crazy for thinking that taping up keyholes is a “little much”? You seen bad stuff from this?

You still rinse the foam, though… right?

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I only know what I’ve read there. And SH is a corrosive. And if you’ve had brass injectors gum up and fail what’s it doing to locks? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Not to mention takes .4 seconds.

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When you get to a house, rip off about 6 strips of painters tape and put them on your shirt.

Taping and bagging should take less than 6 minutes.