Pros vs. Cons

Working with limited finances so what do you guys think? Pros vs. Cons
Champion 4000-PSI 4-GPM Trigger Start Gas Pressure Washer-71321 - The Home Depot

The biggest con, in my opinion and from my experience, is Home Depot products and services are generally sold to home owners who don’t necessarily need professional grade products/equipment. I’m a perfect example of who they sell to, as a homeowner. I bought a push lawn mower from there at $199 two years ago. It’s worked great for me and I’ve never had any problems with it, but no way in heck would I try to start a lawn care business with it.

Now I don’t know anything about that specific pressure washer, but if you feel you can upgrade your equipment from the money you make off it sooner rather than later, then I say go for it.

spend the extra $200.00 and get yourself a good pump and engine…
Delux 4040HG Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer - 4 GPM @ 4,000 PSI

spend the extra $200.00 and get yourself a good pump and engine…

limited funds is how much? cant help much if we dont know the budget…

I started out with a 2.3 GPM PW given to me by a friend. Next season, bought a new Hydrotek 5.6 GPM that I still have and use. 12 yrs. running and just had the A/R pump rebuilt for the 1st time this spring. But we only do exterior wood so it does not get beat up.

It’s OK to start small, build a bit of $, then upgrade. Just do good work, build customer loyalty, communicate, and be honest. It can be a simple business just starting out.

Integrity and honesty goes a long way and pays dividends.