Proportioner Drawing Excess Surfactant

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I’m sure I’ve read about someone else having this issue but for the life of me cannot find the page. I tested out my complete set up for the first time (trailer pics to come) and had to fix a few pressure leaks here and there but otherwise it was a success!
I did however use an absurd amount of Surfactant. I set the Stealth Proportioner soap line to just 1/2 a notch, just above closed and ended up using about 1/8 of a 5gal pail. I was outside rinsing until it was dark out. :sweat:
Why would my Proportioner be pulling too much surfactant, even when on a low setting?

Your suction lines need to be similar or same lengths. Not sure if that will help.

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Kentucky is right they need to all be the same length or the shortest will pull more than the rest but either way I don’t know if its even possible to pull surfactant straight. I have my soap mixed at around 8oz per gallon of water and im still working my way down


I may be in the wrong here** But I don’t believe the hose length has anything to do with it.

I think your problem here is the concentration of soap you are drawing. No one draws 100% soap concentrate. It’s WAY too much.

Add soap to a pale of water and use that in your proportioner system. That will give you less suds and save you money. Find the right ratios that work with your meter valve.


It’s funny you say that, I just tested mine a couple days ago and it seemed to be pulling more of my house wash/surfactant than the SH/water side. Both set on #1 and the buffer tank on #5. Didn’t have time for an exact measurement, was just going to monitor since I didn’t have hard numbers. I will say my hose lines are different lengths, but remember the hose sizes connected to the valves also might have something to do with it also? Just a thought and probably not much help also.

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When I bought the Proportioner I grappled with this topic while trying to figure out my tank set up and called the J.N. Equipment guys and he assured me I could pull straight from the surfactant bucket… if I was using their chemicals (I assumed other chems might pull the same, I was wrong.) I wanted to have a nice, clean, closed system drawing straight from the bucket but the shipping alone on that amount of surfactant use would drive me nuts.
I’m going to tighten up my lines and make them uniform lengths to be safe but using a “suds bucket” ( 5gal water pail w/ surfactant mixed) worked well yesterday. I even messed around with a little roof washing on my house and wasn’t disappointed with the concentration.

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Well that’s reassuring! I don’t know much but I never even considered using laundry detergent, seems lazy?
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Yes that but worse :rofl:

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