Promoting Hot Water?

Just wanted to get some feedback in reference to advertising “Hot water Power Washing”.

Does anyone feel promoting hot water washing is essential in gaining more prospects?

I only ask because Im in the process of lettering up my truck, and was debating on putting “Hot and Cold Power Washing” within the ads displayed.

The space is limited and I want to make sure Im utilizing it to its full advantage.

Would love to hear some thoughts on this, and any other keywords that you feel are a must in advertising.


Kevin put it on there. We have a couple guys in the area that use it as a selling point for resi.

I’m not sure it will help. How many customers have you had to ask you if you had or used hot water? Look at it that way. If you are short on space skip it. If you have the room, I’m sure it sure won’t hurt. It might open an avenue for dialogue with a potential client but I seriously doubt it will be worth putting on the truck. IMO But what do I know? LOL

Guy B says he does, and will continue to do so. I’m however on the fence if it helps or not.

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once I get a hot water machine, that information is going on every bit of literature, ad, truck. Whatever is associated with my name. It’s definetley a selling point. You can start off by telling a customer you use less chemicals and can get the job done quicker saving them money. That’s just for starters. Hot water cleans better. Why wouldn’t a customer be interested in that?

So… The way you do it now (the same way I do it) is somehow cheating the customer?

Good point, Tim. I don’t advertise it. I’ve never had a customer ask. In my opinion, they want the work done at a reasonable price, without damage, and a Clean Finish! Lol. They don’t care if u got hot water or not.

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Your(I’M) not cheating the customer your(I’M) cheating yourself(Myself). If you can work quicker with less chemicals, why wouldn’t you? And why wouldn’t you want a customer to know that you have superior capabilities to get the job done? And just because a customer doesn’t ask you if you are using hot water, doesn’t mean they won’t welcome the prospect. Nobody advertises hot water around here, why? because they don’t have it. I think most people know that hot water cleans better than cold water (poor choice of words ,maybe more efficiently). So IMHO letting a customer know that you are hot water capable is a plus. That’s all I meant by that. I am not implying that cold water cannot do the same job in most cases, because I don’t believe that. When I am hot water capable EVERYBODY is going to know it!

That, I like! It’s called standing out from the crowd. It’s being different. It is a USP (I read about them, unique selling position, I think). The reality doesn’t matter except as it exists in the customers mind. If they think that you are special because you have hot water, then go for it.

I have a ten gallon per minute hot water skid but if I lived in Florida, I would add ice cubes to the float tank and advertise “chilled water house washing”. We save you money on you A/C bill by pre-chilling the rinse water.

One USP is the same as the other if you have the balls to play them out.

(Split test chilled vs. hot, I’ve not tested the difference)

And that’s what exactly what you should do! Stand out! Be Unique! Offer something no one else does in your area!

It’s not about what “We” think, it’s about what your “Customers” think. It’s all about what “You” make of it.

Ive personally used it on some lit and not on others and haven’t seen too much of a difference.

Now when i can tell a pm knows what he’s talking about, ill bring it up to let him know I’m no bozo with a unit not capable for what he needs. I can say no pm or manager has ever said " I’m hiring you because you use hot water"

That said, the same people have hired me after seeming my b/a pics when using my unit as opposed to their " previous" contractor with a 3gpm direct drive

Did you ever try marketing hot water? How do they know if you don’t market or sell hot water? PM’s could care less, they just want the job done, but it could be a deciding factor. Residential Customers ask about it all the time because…We Market It.

And anyone that says there is no difference between Hot & Cold water washing has never tried it, hasn’t been washing long or doesn’t know what they’re talking about (No Disrespect Dave). Using heated water when ambient (outdoor) temps under 80 degrees is a big difference. It also heats up your chem making it more effective.

Women make 75% of household decisions…They wash the kids in heated water, dishes, clothes, etc…the mere mention that we’re gonna wash her home with heated water is an automatic Sale.

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Nice thought Guy.

The wife approval factor is very important. I can think of 2 or 3 jobs right off the top of my head when the home owners called the wife on the phone for the job approval. Most other times the husband is not involved or even knows about the job, lol.

Im thinking if there is enough room on the truck I will advertise it. But no matter what Im def putting it on the trailer.

Thanks for everyone’s input so far. Much appreciated!

This seems like common sense, I can’t believe someone would spend the money to buy a hot water machine and then pretty much hide the fact that they’ve got that capability ( or that’s what it seems like). I’m pretty sure most customers understand the difference between hot and cold water and its superior cleaning ability. There are many benefits that can be conveyed to potential customers that will give you the edge on competitors. I plan on marketing it full tilt. When I am through, the first thing you will hear, when contacting a potential customer in the Tampa Bay area, will be, “Are you using hot water?” LOL!

None taken Guy.

i might have been too brief in my explanation.

I do market our hot water, just not as a first item sales point. As you said, pms don’t care too much, but if they do, the information is there for them.

Neither do we, and no one should use it as their “banner” sales point. It can be a powerful sales point to an already solid list of existing sales points in ones business.