Professionalism...yeah, right! lol

I was doing my best impersonation of a professional pressure washer, today. I was washing some apartments and everything was working very well. I was making excellent time and things were cleaning up very well. THEN…it happened. The washer shutoff…about 30 minutes left to go. I knew IMMEDIATELY…I was out of gas…no backup gas, no can or anything. Had to roll up hoses and pick everything up…to get gas…what a genius move for such a professional to make.


Been there buddy

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I almost did that the other say, but then I remembered to get fuel before job lol… I have a fueltank/tool box combo on the back of my truck and keep two 5 gallon cans on trailer

Yeah…my trailer will have a can, now.

What happened today is for the birds!


Don’t feel bad, I called and got my wife up at about 11pm one nite this Spring to come bring me a can of fuel, was in the middle of a big grocery store lot and forgot to set my can of deisel on the trailer for my heater. Thought I had enough, wrong. I still hear about that one occasionally, lol. But she was a trooper about it.


Good wives are hard to come by. I got one too. “Honey, I am short a can of stain for the next job can you run by Jamieson’s (in your Lexus SC430) and get me a can?” “Send me the address.” More times than I like to admit to…Never complains.

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I’d probably risk my health to siphon some off my gas tank. lol I like to think I’m prepared for just about anything, but tonight I couldn’t find my little baggies of viton o-rings and my nozzle QC was leaking. I tried to pull the o rings out of two other fittings without mangling them. Mangled them anyway. So now we are down to one gun and I’m losing my mind because I know I just got two bags of o-rings.

Just last week was cleaning trailer and pulled everything out including extra 50ft of hose out. Finished this house 95% of the way with the 200ft on the reel. Lugged the hose one way and couldn’t reach the remaining area… Turned around and lugged the hose around the other side of the house still couldn’t reach… detached trailer put lock on it and went to “lunch” haha. Came back and knocked the job out. Won’t leave that extra 50ft of hose at home again.