Professional House Washing

Check out this guy. If you are on here, I’m sorry but I had to. This is one way to not clean a house lol. And he was using this to advertise…

If there is any oxidation, that artwork is going to be there for a while lol


I have to explain to all my customers that pressure is really not used any more on vinyl siding like it was 20 years ago. Some of the old timers ask how it gets clean that way.

Dcbrock your a artist.

Going for the whole VexCon vibe with that T-shirt :joy:

Had to pull over and snag a shot of this beauty last week…


Sheesh. $99 guy much of been getting $120 for that job.

Looks like he’s trying to get the gutter man paid too.


Hopefully the ambulance is on standby

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