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Hello I a new to the industry. I been ask to power wash the grease on this walk. I usually use extreme clean but my order will not arrive on time. Any other recommendations for products to help get this clean?

Just go to HD or Lowes and get some Zep concrete cleaner. It’s purple or just pick up some Purple Power. Mix as suggested, if you don’t have hot water, scrub it in, not hard, just enough to work it in the concrete, let sit about 5-10 min and then clean.


Thanks! I do have hot water.

For the money it’s hard to beat Purple Power from Walmart. The 2.5 gallon jug is less than $12

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Easy then. Show us an after pic when you get done. Not going to be white like concrete next to it, will still be stained some, but all the grease should be gone.

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Listen to Racer. He can make HD stuff work in a pinch.

I have a few gallons of that purple HD stuff and never put much stock into it. Im gonna give it a try on my old and deep power steering fluid stains. I tried LA awesome with a scrub brush and it helped a bunch but these are old and deep stains 5 years plus.