Problems with aluminum horse trailer

It has some bad streaking what could I use & has any one run into this

I’d treat it like I was cleaning tiger stripes on gutters. I use Awesome from the dollar store.

It’s very concentrated …Dilute down to about 75% water , 25 % Awesome. Wipe on…Let sit for about

15 minutes and then start putting friction on it with more cleaner …Stains should come out.

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Thanks I will have to try that

Interesting post, Funny I run in to this. I just purchased an aluminum horse trailer my self. Also all aluminum. It’s a bit tarnished (but no streaks) but overall great condition! What would you recommend I was the aluminum with?

Downstream carrot juice and sugar cubes. Then let the horses lick it clean


I have not got a good answer yet, I don’t know if I should try the awesome or not

It appears to me that the trailer was acid washed and not rinsed thoroughly. If a satin finish rather than an mirror finish is acceptable to you, then try Luma Brite or some other Hydrafloric Acid based cleaner. If you have never used these cleaners, do some research. There is a very specific process to their usage.

If you look on the painted part of the trailer it is like a light brown stains , that is really what thay wont gone, you think the acid will work on the painted aluminum.

Sorry so long for the response… Business has been keeping me bowed up. That’s about the best problem a working man can have. LOL

I use it on horse trailers as well as reefers on a regular basis. I usually have really good results. Keep in mind that I have been using the same brand for quite some time so I know what my dilution ratios are. A good Hydrafloric Acid can be diluted down to 1:20 acid/water and still achieve the desired results. Suggest mixing a SMALL amount at that ratio, try it on an inconspicuous area and see what happens. Always apply from bottom to top and rinse from top to bottom. If 1:20 doesn’t work, try 1:10 but I never go below that. Keep it off of windshield wipers and the stronger dilutions should be kept off of glass period. Again, there are some good youtube videos out there that will better explain the process.

Thanks a lot I will give it a try befor long
The acid don’t work as well in really cold weather right
I have been using some for probably 6 months or so
I just started washing trucks this year so I got a lot to learn

Just keep good records of your ratios, the surfaces that you clean with which ratio, and don’t be afraid to experiment some. I used it this morning in 28 degree f weather with no problems. I first hot water rinsed the surfaces (just to make sure it didn’t freeze on contact) and then applied the acid.

Wish you the best…