Problem w/Metal

We soft washed a vinyl sided house last month with simple cherry & bleach (not sh). It has a green metal roof over the porch with a white stain on it.

She said it wasnt there before we cleaned and I rinsed it the day after with hose water and a soft brush. I couldnt tell if it was gone or not after i rinsed it. When its wet its hard to see.

1 Month later and she calls me today and says that the white stain on her green roof is still there.

I don’t have any pictures yet but, has anyone ever made spots on a metal roof when soft washing a house???:confused:

Steve, what do you mean bleach not sh? If you used store bought bleach that is 6% sh. Or did you use a different product?

What color was the vinyl

We used store bought bleach at this job. I’m going to look at the roof today.

The reason that spot is there is due to the fact that the chemicals dried before rinsing. These roofs should be done in parts just as you would wash your car.