Pro Pick'em League

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Are you a football fan? Join the Pro Pick’em league that is just for window cleaners and pressure washers. [/FONT][/COLOR]<wbr style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important;">nfl-pigskin-pickem/2013/en/<wbr style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important;">group?groupID=43694

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Password is: wcrfootball[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]If you don’t know what Pro Pick’em is… it requires about 5 minutes a week. You simply select who will win each NFL game, and get one point for each correct selection. The winner at the end of the season is the one with the most points.

Post up in this thread when you join, so we can keep this thread bumped up top.[/FONT][/COLOR][/INDENT]

Up in there.

Rad, I’m in.

Last call today!