Priming the pump question

Hey guys. Finished my setup but since I ran out of space I have to put my buffer tank on my pick up bed.

That being said, of course I have to attach the hose to the tank when I get to job site and take out when I leave.

How do I properly prime the pump every time with a setup like this?

Of just connect, fill up and turn on?


Unless u have a ball valve or check valve

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Unless I have a ball valve or check valve where? Sorry.

Ball valve at tank and just hook up hose to machine… keep machine in off position and gives it a few pulls until water starts trickling thru the bypass then fire machine up.


When i finish i shut down machine.
Close valve that feeds machine. Each one has its one valve.
Then dump extra water, i dont drive with more th.g.h an 60gl.
Then when need to power machine i just open the valve

If you keeping water in tank, why close valve?

Why not?

If there is water in the tank there is no need to close the valve. The valve is only there to stop the water if you are cleaning out the filter. Even then I leave the water on to flush the screens. The last truck I set up I didn’t bother with ball valves at all. Just one more thing to leak.

I think guys have to hit the 5 year mark before they realize the KISS theory is key to success. Maybe 10 years