hey what would everyone charge for a house that is 35 to 40 ft tall around 3600sq. ft. and guttering just needing some general ideas.

House wash probably like $375-400 just off sqft without seeing anything

I sold that exact job at the Home Show Sunday afternoon. $800.00 less the $25.00 Gift Card that I gave him. Includes house wash on the gutters, gutter scrubbing will be quoted separate if needed when we arrive and he desires to add it to the list.

how long should something like this take to get completed?

One man is going to have two hours or so in it. Maybe 2.5.

ok thanks dave and tim i need all the help I can get

We get at least $600 for a house that size. Takes us about 2-3 hrs at most.

I would be at $489 for the wash, and $1.00 a linear foot on the gutters. So possibly about $689 to $789 total.

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I’d be right along the lines of Dave for that one. $375-$400 plus about $100 to scrub the gutters.

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Ok folks - just how does one calculate a quote based on square footage of the house?

from everything i have read and looked at Bill square footage is where most of the guys get their pricing ,the house i mentioned above is for a family member so im doing it fairly cheap,thanks everyone for there input

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Marry an accountant. Have her job cost every penny you spend for twenty five or thirty years.

Create a list of different kinds of houses that you’ve washed and ask her what the average price was for each one. Then ask her how much they vary by.

Then sketch out about fifteen different houses of different sizes. Estimate how long it would take you to clean them and what you would charge if you were to go quote each one individually. Average the averages and start quoting based on square footage.

Keep raising all of your prices incrementally until your close ratio hangs at about 70%.

Set up an exhibit at the Home Show, ask interested folks a few questions about their home and instantly quote them a firm price and ask if they would like to go ahead and get that taken care of. An astonishing number of them said that yes, they would like to have that done.

LOL Tim - I’m down with all that except this part…

as an alternative??

hahaha thats funny Tim I needed a good laugh

I was never into that alternative lifestyle thing. I guess that’s up to the individual preference though.

Keep your own records.

Start simple. What is the house size and style that you are most likely to wash?

Sketch it out on paper and analyse it. Price it.


Then do the same exercise with a similar but larger house.

I have literally 20 rows and 4 columns on my price sheet.

80 prices to pick from. I used it often this weekend and I think that customers like to know that they are paying the same price as everyone else pays that has that same size home.

I know many use Google earth to measure to get an exterior sq ft #, but has anyone ever come up with pricing based on a readily accessible number like interior sq ft? May be a dumb question, but ZILLOW has that number with no measuring…


There are some state tax based sites that I access. They are based on heated footage. Zillow doesn’t always seem to be as accurate in this area.

This may not work for some of you guys and maybe it does… Since I’ve been cleaning for so many yrs I don’t waste my time on sq footage for residential cleaning(outside of wood restoration) I can go on google earth and take about a 30 second look at a house and in my head I’ll know how long it takes to get it done with 2 guys on every Job which is what we do. I can also figure out how long it would take if I was to do it alone. At most I’ll be +/- 20 minutes off. So from that I’ll base my price…done:)

A little tip here for you guys-- repetition is key. When I went to radar training yrs ago (& I was never a ticket writer), people who drive all the time can guess pretty accurately +/- 3 mph how fast a car is going. Why? Repetition.

So my tip for the day is to not get caught up on house washes based on sq’. Base it on how long you think it will take and how much you want to make within reason to land the job. If you can do that then eventually you’ll get like me where most residential jobs I can take one look on google/bing and give a pretty accurate quote.

I didn’t mean to hijack this thread, but what I was hoping for is that one could take the square footage and for:

a one story house - take the square root of the footage times the height of the exterior wall times four
a two story house - take the square root of 1/2 the footage times the height of the exterior wall times four
a three story house - “”""""""""""""""""""""“1/3 “””"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
subtract any subterranean living space
add any non-living space (garage,etc)
to get in the ballpark

for GHAT’s property (assuming 2 story) that would be (in round numbers) 4240 = 1680 16804=6720 sq’ of exterior wall +garage - subterranean living space

assuming I did all the math right LOL