Pricing Opinion - Used System

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a pricing opinion for my old system that I’m looking to sell. I upgraded to a 8gpm system in Feb., and held on to this one as a backup for a few months. It is a NorthStar 4/4 hot water, trailer mounted system. It’s great for someone just entering the business or to use as a backup or rental. Here are a few details:

  1. Used for 1.5 yrs (engine has 1000 hrs)
  2. New Unloader and pump rings. Overall, system works great with no issues.
  3. Sold NEW at Northern Tool, currently on sale for $9,999
  4. Needs new tires, but that is all.
  5. Atlanta market (if market affects resell value)

I cannot find a used one currently on the market to help with pricing. Your expert options are greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!

The sell new for $6800. I’d take the first $2500 you were offered.

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Now that is interesting and a HUGE price difference from what Northern Tools has it listed for. I always thought NorthStar was under the NT umbrella.

There’s about $4k in the rig. Anything over that is profit for NT or the vendor selling it.


Don’t take this personally. The only thing on that trailer with any real value is the Honda engine. IBS is probably spot on.

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NT puts a huge markup on their stuff. As cool as it may be to walk around that store, I wouldn’t buy there. Especially those PW trailer units.

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That’s a 4/4 pump on a V-twin?

Even better. That’s a direct drive 4/4 pump “fed” by a buffer tank hooked to a v-twin.

And before the DD warriors get all crazy–yes, I know it is possible to run a DD off a buffer but it’s definitely not ideal and really doesn’t offer any benefits.

NT is a huge retailer for dummies. Along with harbor freight! Oh no, my predator engine build! Lol

Well, not exactly. Harbor Freight is (or, perhaps, was) the bargain store. You’re not paying for quality there.

Northern Tool on the other hand really… has no benefits at all. They’re ostensibly the quality store, but they’re far more expensive than others selling the exact same product. (Their pressure washing stuff isn’t the highest quality, but their other stuff is decent. Milwaukee power tools, for example.)

I do buy my hoses from NT. I’m sure they’re junk but until i get 8gpm im not sure it matters

Harbor Freight is the single best store on this planet. Just have to understand what you’re buying.


I disagree. This is the single most bestest store on the planet

Do they give you free horseradish and saltines while you shop?

Nope, but they sell a mean horseradish. On a side note. I bought a watermelon there about 15 years ago. Didn’t have a cooler with me but I had a 5 gallon bucket. Put the melon in the bucket with a bag of ice to carry on the boat that evening. Forgot about it. I was driving a mitz Montero that day. Came back the next morning parked it at the shop. I didn’t drive that ride for about 4 or 5 months. You cannot fathom the smell of that rotting watermelon street spending the summer sitting in the sun.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I think I may have you beat. I used to dip Copenhagen and I once left a spitter in the cupholder while I was on a month long vacation in Texas. It was July. I’ve smelled death before and that spitter was worse.

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Man that is wild. A really good family friend of mine owns the land that store is on and We always get our oysters from them.

Mr Norris owned it forever. I think the Flowers family still owns it, the store at least. I dunno who owns the land

I have this one currently. Bought it 2 months ago. With cat pump. I get a bunch of compliments for it. I think it should have the same specs. My buddy bought one used for 8,500 with 300 hours on it. I live in los angeles.

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Shame about Mr. norris but the family does still own it

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