Pricing on brick, wooden and vinyl fencing

What is everyone charging for fence washing? I have a 360 sq ft brick fence to wash this weekend and was just trying to figure out my pricing for it. I really couldn’t find anything that pin pointed pricing for fence washing. Thanks in advance!

Heres how you create your OWN pricing… Have a number in your head you want to make an hour say its $50 ok.

From there look at whatever job it is and estimate how long it will take you to work. For this example we will say 6 hours.

$50 * 6 hours is $300 boom you have your rate for this job.

Now from there I prefer to price fences decks and flatwork pricing by sqft. In my eyes I think they want to know why they are paying x dollars for this job. So say this fence is 600sqft.

600/300 is $2 a sqft

Submit your bid for $2 a sqft and hope for the best.

Pricing fluctuates as you grow you will learn what you need to charge more on and what to charge less on depending on what your times worth, how well you are at whatever task it is and whats the market like in your area.


Gotcha! Thanks. That’s a big help! I got my housing and roof pricing down. Just wasn’t sure about the fence

Good luck dont be afraid to make mistakes its how we learn quickly!

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