Pricing for new construction brick cleanup?

I have been contacted by a homebuilder to pressure wash mortar “slings” from sloppy bricklayers. When I asked what the old subcontractor charged, he said $40.00 per every 1000 brick. Does anyone know if that is a better way to price? He says he doesn’t care how we price it!

Pricing is subject to what you need to make and operate to make any profit. Does he have a certain chemical he wants you use? I have a contractor in my area that uses me for the same thing and he doesn’t want me to use muriatic acid he supplies some chemical that I can just downstream and rinse at about 1000 psi. It’s safe to get on vinyl and other materials on the home. Wish I knew what it was called but I will check. Usually I just charge regular house wash price. I’m sure someone else will chime in.

Charge your daily rate. I always figure a day at 10 hours. So 8 hours is D.R. × .75 = ?

I realize not charging by the sq.ft. is a felony with my local washers (1 has threatened me with a beatin, still waiting…) and maybe your locale too, but the job is the job. Dont let the customer do your quoting. Dont count bricks. Count 1/4 days. My. 02

That’s not bad. Figure 7 brick per sq. ft - so that’s roughly 143 sq ft for $40 or $.28 per sq ft.

I used to clean brick when I was a teenager for my older sisters husband who was a brick Mason… We used a chemical called Vana trol… It’s a mild acid… Smells like vinegar… just used heavy brushes… like straw push broom type of brushes… That would fit in a 5 gallon bucket and rubber gloves

Here is a link for Vana trol…