Pricing Curb cleaning

Have been asked to take care of a 200 ft asphalt driveway and the 300ft worth of curbing…

Where do i start with curbing? Outside of the small curbing that accompanies a driveway that i say $40-50 have no clue where to start with 300 ft.

I know @Innocentbystander does a good bit of curbing.

From what I understand, the price depends on if it’s the old school 6" curbs or the newer style low rise curbs that can be done with a SC. Not sure what that style is called. @Racer probably knows. He does them regularly I believe.

Personally, I just turbo nozzle the 6" style.

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Figure on 30 minutes and charge accordingly.


It is normal 6” curb and turbo for sure…

@Innocentbystander 30 min?

Yeah, it goes pretty quick. I’d probably figure on an hour because Donut runs 5.5’s and if it were me doing it I’d have to stop every 100’ and have a snickers. Or maybe I just lay a Milky Way at the end of the 300’ run and tell myself I can only have it when I get there.

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I don’t know who’s been washing my curb every day, but there’s Baby Ruths all up and down it

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Couldn’t do that here in South Carolina, they’d melt too fast. Maybe an ice cold cola at the end of a segment would work for me. Or Cheerwine for some others :slight_smile:


Definitely wasn’t me. Baby Ruth’s just don’t get the excitement level up enough

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[quote=“DisplacedTexan, post:2, topic:30317”]
6" curbs or the newer style low rise curbs that can be done with a SC.

To bad @Donut sold his SC…

Lol, ive still got one of them little plastic jokers i use for steps sometimes.

I thought I knew you. Don’t tell everyone everything. I have one of those little ryobi battery operated pressure washers now but I’d never tell anyone.

Lol I thought about that earlier. Figured he was just asking for a friend :grin:

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Lol… i use that thing for 2 day cares every year, they have 8 and 6 entrances. I make sure nobody can see me though.

Lol. I did have to do a driveway the other week. I figure i only have about 3/4 more in me the rest of the year.

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And i do have one of those Ryobi transfer pumps for the ball field… great on concrete/turf, but have to be careful on dirt.

Handy thing.

Just use a stick and string and hang it over your ball cap just out of reach. I hear it works on all jack@ sses. :smiley:


I tried that. Unfortunately, I’m fat enough and intelligent enough that I figured out a workaround. You just blast the string with the turbo nozzle and scramble to catch the Milky Way before it hits the ground and gets sand and gravel all over it.

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