Pricing a roof wash

hey guys
I am a newbie and have a question. hope you can help. how do you price a roof wash, by the hour or by the sq ft. and how much per sq ft. ive been told .8 to .10cents a sq ft. PLEASE HELP

I think the lowest I have charged is around .25 and the most is .40.
I wouldn’t bother for .10.

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I don’t measure, I go by how much mix i’ll use on it and go from there.

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I have never measured the roof. Our price is based more on pitch of roof and how many different peaks it has. A typically 2400 sq ft colonial with a 6-12 pitch starts at around $395. And we go from there. After you do a few roofs you will get a feel for what you need to charge. Pricing by the hour is hard to do especially when you are just starting out. A roof that takes me 1 hour to do may take you 4 hours. I suggest that you practice on your own roof and do some for your friends and family as well.

Feel free to give me a call.

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Thanks for the info. I will definetaly call.

That all depends on whether you value you your time.

.25 a sqft is about where we stay at.

Just out of curiosity, why is your location Alabama but your signature has NJ web site?

Looks like a SEOr Jim… I just zapped him.

I did a little research today and found a guy whose charging .50-.70 per square foot. Seems double to triple what the above posts quote.

Would all tile roofs require more time and product?
[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] what is acwc charging?

We do the “small” “medium” “large” house pricing method. Starts at about 275-300 for a 1500 sqft 1 story rambler “small” and then price increases from there depending on the time of year. I like to atleast zillow or google map the house for a over the phone bid, cause sqft-age can lie if you just look up the specs of the home. Equating your cost per gallon or cost per house for mix is also a good idea. Roof cleaning done properly doesn’t take too long. You just have to be safety conscious and thorough. Also, minimize/eliminate overspray. I’ve learned this the hard way… Ask Thad :wink:

How are you guys measuring this?

Are you measuring by sqft of the home or the roof?

Sqft of the home, but this is for a “blind” bid. If i had my wish, id do every roof bid in person in order to determine problem areas or how drastic the bacteria is on the roof. if i have to price “blind” ,I visually check it online to confirm a price with average timing for what I can see using zillow,bing, etc. When I do a dm piece to an area, I know already what qualifies a house as small or medium. I should have stated earlier, we never give a price for large houses, always says call for pricing, when advertised, or if we get a call and they say their house is 3500sqft + , I set up an in person estimate.

i am still learning, but as of now, this method works best for our set up

We charge usually between $500 - $850 ish