Prices for hydro tek

Does anyone know the price on this machine?


Any good sites with good prices on hydro tek stuff?

Best prices in the country.
Ask for Serigio.


I agree L&H and Sergio good people and they do have best prices on hydro tek. I buy a fair amount from them.

But this is the one I just bought and I’ll never buy another hot water skid from anyone else. Will kick hydro tek ■■■. It’s at least $1000 less and better built imho.


Pretty slick looking machine @Racer , you don’t let @Grizz fiddle with the buttons do ya ?
They even have xlarge stack brushes ! @ a good price…


I was quoted $9,500 for the 7.8gpm hydro tek. The only prob with the machine you posted is that it don’t have a generator. I need that to power the filters and recycle machine.

Call them, they may have one with that or heck can buy a generator for $500.

I’m sure you got this, but be careful of the extra amp draw.Your burner needs the exact amount, Those generators are around $900,Hate to see you burn it up. I was in your shoes about 3 months ago and went for a 12v burner…


Looks like a nice unit, and well priced. @Racer which model did you go with?

Cause you got skeert.

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The built in generator powers the heater and the filtration machine? Hydro tek makes a trailer with all this stuff together. I would hope it wouldn’t burn out.

Just make sure the Amperage your using is under the Amperage the generator puts out,Also consider extra Amps to run leds and what nots,Alls I’m saying. Wasn’t a good fit for me ,So I just use a gas genie.

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The 8 with the honda. It’s a beast. I like that it comes with 12 gal tanks too. But it’s stout. He has a lot of oil field customers and at one time he was largest hydro tek dealer in country. His customers were complaining that the units weren’t stout enough to take the conditions they had to travel and work under so in 2007 they developed this one. They’ve got a heck of an operation.

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Hey @Racer, I’m seriously considering the unit you bought for my build this winter. Did you pick the unit up or have it shipped? If shipped do you remember an approximate cost? I know you’re not too far away from BCE, I’m a little further (central NC). Tried to call today but apparently they’re closed on Fridays

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If you’re in NC you need to go to MVP landa. They are in Raleigh, Kernersville, Wilmington, Rocky Mount

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I’ve been shopping around and calling people a lot lately. I called them a couple of days ago, they ship for free is what he told me - but not to a home. Give them a call, he was very friendly and informative even after I told him I was shopping around and hadn’t made up my mind.

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I picked it up. They’re about an hour out of Atlanta. I’m glad I went just to see what all they could do.