Price quote for commercial bld


Hello everyone I have some questions about cleaning a three story office bld. It brick 60,000 ft I’m trying to put a quote together it’s the bld and clean the window? Also chemical to use. I have done residential mostly. Thanks for any help!:+1:


Based on the info given, use the appropriate chemicals and charge enough to make your profit margin


I haven’t been to look at it. For general cleaning the building and window what chemical do you use and about how much for a blding this sized? Also time frame for a two man crew thanks


I don’t do commercial (yet) but I would recommend using the search bar and reading up on some of the processes and materials used. Only you will know how long it will take. Not many people work at exactly the same pace or do things exactly the same as another company.


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Muriatic acid mixed with purple power degreaser at 50/50 ratio. Downstream. Should take 3.5 days. $6754


6471.10. Undercut like what!


$6410 and a box of Hohos! :wink:


My apologies to you guys on this forum!!! I have been p washing for about 15yrs strictly residential. I had a good friend ask if I would be interested in this blding to clean and thought I would reach out and try to get general info on the subject with out realizing all I had to do is read we’re you guys have answered these silly questions multiple time!!! My apologies again!!


I live in western North Carolina. The machine I have puts out 3500 psi @ 4.2 gpm. So i believe my set up would not be big enough for the job. Thanks for the help!


If you posts some pics you’ll get much better feedback. You didn’t really give much to go by. An intro is always a good way to start, which you just did, so kudos. Read a lot and ask specific questions. No one is going to tell you what to charge, but we’ll help you figure out how to wash it


Commercial or larger jobs are better to bid based on time consumption and materials thanks sqft


But there’s always the$99. Dollar guy😱


From my limited experience here on this forum I can tell you that joining 9 hours ago with 1 hour read time will not get you good answers to this question.


Don’t knock the $99 guy we gotta eat to :grinning:


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Guys you ask for pics and I was able to ge done to take some I Hope this gives you guys a better understanding as you see I will need a boom and have to be careful with vegetation around the entire building




The brick look fine. I would lightly pressure wash with just water. For the stone, some Restoration Cleaner or Reklaim from Prosoco would be my first choice in cleaners. Looks like atmospheric and/or carbon stains. to check out their products and find a distributor close to you. Get a price from the distributor. Spray on, let dwell, wash off. Might need to brush the heavily soiled areas.

Call up a lift rental company and find the price for a 60ft boom lift for the week. That will probably run you close to $2500ish. Make sure your insurance requirements cover the clients requirements.

I would try to upsell sealing the brick/stone after cleaning. Use Siloxane PD from Prosoco. The sealer CAN NOT get on the windows and if it does must be cleaned off immediately.

No one is going to be able to give you a price over the internet because there are so many variables involved. If people are walking in and out while you’re spraying, you’ll need to stop every minute to not get pedestrians wet. How difficult is it to work the lift around the trees? Are you able to access the building from a street on all 4 sides? The stains look easy enough to clean but WE’RE all working with limited information. No shame in passing on this big of a project.


Do you think my 3500psi @ 4.2 gpm would work okay