Prewash protection

Hey guys, forgive me for not being able to find the answers myself…
Anyone got a link to a thread I can find on pre-softwash protection? I’m looking for a general rundown and most notably wondering how y’all protect AC UNITS. (I’m taping/bagging lights, outlets, internet, breakers)

The few washes I’ve had I just have the customer turn ac unit off while I avoid them, but looking for what works for y’all? Do you cover them? Avoid softwash and rinse after?

I believe protecting the house is time and money well spent, but I’d also hate to waste time going overboard.

I also plan on talking to my local home inspection pal to give me a run down on electrical safety and risk management. But then again, he’s not hosing down houses with chems on a daily basis.

Thanks for any tips!

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Also, I just read the fire danger safety thread which was awesome and helpful, just no mention of ac and I’m curious.

AC units…as in the condenser? Around here they are always covered in mold and algae so usually spritz it with housewash mix and lightly rinse off.

That’s just me though.


Ahh makes sense, I just don’t really know much about how those condensers work. I’m insured but just making sure I don’t go shorting stuff out. Thanks!

Tape off the fuse housing box and wash on.


Last summer I had a fuse box, or AC Disconnect box, Pop then smoking after I rinsed the siding. Had the customer turn off the breaker. I opened the box, found that the electrician had wrapped a loop of wire around inside the box, touching it, and over the years it had rubbed the insulation off the hot wire. Add water = the Pop and smoke. I installed a new box for him and he was happy. Cover them up, it’s easier.