Prevent "bleeding" brown streaks from siding

Just wondering how we can prevent from the brown drips coming from weeps holes on extremely dirty siding. twice this season we have had people call telling us theyve had brown drips after the house drys. Obiously we know exactly what it is, so we just explain it them and then correct the issue. However, it does take us time and money to go back and fix them. How can we prevent them?

Your using to much pressure and or your spraying upward into the siding. The water stream should be hitting the siding on the downward fall this will keep you from getting water under those weep holes.


I mean i know exactly why it happens. But we see a lot of black algae on the under side of panels. At which point we have no option but to spray them with water

I let it weep and come back after it dries a little and spray it from a distance so it doesn’t soak the siding but rinses the dirt off.


Same hear. A few rinse passes with progressively less pressure and volume till it’s stops dripping dirt

I do lots of houses that “weep” quite a bit. Most of the houses I wash are 10, 15, 20 years old & have never been washed so there is a lot of crud. It’s better to take your time with rinsing than risk a return to the job for another rinse. Having a variety of tips is helpful.
Any time I see a heavy build up of dark green mildew on the bottom edges of a south facing side, I know I will have longer dwell times & rinse times.