PressureTek Black Friday Sale 2013


Bobs great!! PWRA members and powerwashers in general should jump on this. Nice Video Mike.

I’ll definitely get another 50’ high pressure hose.
On that subject, is the Goodyear that much better than the Spray Flex to pay the extra amount?

That’s a good question. I was wondering the same thing.

We do have less warranty claims on GoodYear hose. If I was getting the import, I would go with the 2 wire.

Anyone know whats up with pressuretek ? Went to buy a bunch of qc’s and all the have is the high dollar foster duehicks. And no more 79" Lance’s, are they just outta stock ?
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I see the regular no name stainless on their website. Don’t see the 79" lance though.

My bad I typed in QC and they never came up only the foster , Typed in Stainless steel QC and it did on page 4. Thanks @marinegrunt

@Hotshot are you trying to break the record for the oldest thread revived? :joy:

Nah @qons, Just to lazy to start a new thread and waste pwra space. :wink:

The PWRA will always make space for big @Hotshot 's like yourself. :wink: Of course, that space might be in the back section of the 1,000 acre forest but you folks from Arkansas know that area well. :grimacing:

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Thanks ? :smirk:

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