Pressure Washing with Lake Water

I’m new to the pressure washing business and let me first say that I’ve learned so much from this forum and I thank everyone of you for putting your information out here for us new guys to learn. Thank you very much. I wanted to ask about the possibility of using lake water Through a sub pump for pressure washing lake docks that are too far from a house water source? I’m too early in the game to get a trailer as I’m working out the back of my truck. Eventually I’ll be able to get a tank for jobs that are far away from filtered water sources. But the lake is a huge source! Have any of you guys done this before? What tips do you have? I know that I would need a filter or two so the contaminates don’t ruin the pump. I have a 4 GPM 4200 psi cold water. What do you guys think?

I know centrifugal pumps can create that vaccumm you will need. I do not know if our pumps have that capability maybe somebody else can chime in.( Belt driven pulls water, but I don’t know how capable it is in that circumstance)
If the pumps are capable of draft Get you a good strainer with a foot valve. Keep the area clear of debris.
Jam a shovel down into the ground of the lake/pond and tie your strainer a foot or so below the surface as long as your are far away from the bottom of the lake, so you don’t suck up muck and silt

You’ll want to check on the regulations for putting chemicals in the water. There are serious fines if you don’t follow the regulations.

They probably don’t care if a guy is out there with dawn soap cleaning his own boat but if you’re talking about gallons of SH or some other chemical ending up in the lake, they will definitely care.

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Well I definitely would not use soap for a lake dock and I would not use SH either. Water and light eco friendly wood cleaners only applied with a brush not sprayed excessively on. That’s just common sense.

@DJPWS I do this on lake anna now. What lake are you wanting to try this on? We use my buddies pontoon boat run a small 4 gpm unit pull water out with a sump pump into a buffer tank with two inline filters before the pump works great

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Let us know what you find out with regulations and eco friendly wood cleaners. This has been discussed before on here and all I’ve seen are a lot of questions without many answers.

So I’d love to learn what can work and what can’t. It seems most guys decide not to mess with it. So potentially this could be a niche for you.

Do you use chems