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I just started my business about 1year ago and it is doing well. I do not have a lot of commercial work right now but I am looking to expand. I currently run a 4gpm 3,500 psi pressure washer that I haul around in my suburban. When I get to the job I have to load and unload it. I am to a point now where I would like to either setup a trailer or setup a cargo carrier. My dad is a welder so him and I can make a carrier solid enough to hold my pressure washer, two reels stacked(one for pressure hose and one for garden hose), and a small storage box to hold all of the attachments like a 12" surface cleaner, nozzles, etc… The size of the carrier would be 60" wide by 30" deep. The carrier is also designed so when I am finished working I can quickly detach it from the hitch and roll it to the side in my garage. My thought is that in the future I will buy a truck and that same setup will set in the bed. My question is would I be better off setting up a trailer?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Don’t forget a buffer tank. Your going to want to have room for that.

It all the about ur time

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I have a hitch ramp that I will use on small jobs, but always had a trailer for the big stuff. With that said, if you are going to do one or the other go with a trailer. They are nice to add as you go. A hitch carrier isn’t big enough for everything you will need, and or grow into.

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what part on MO?

Address in profile says Jeff City

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Nice trailer setup Cdubbs

After much deliberation I think I am going to just setup an enclosed trailer. What is the minimum size trailer you would recommend? I have a 3500 psi 4gpm pressure washer. What is the minimum size supply tank and buffer tank you would recommend?

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Tough to give good input without knowing what your washing, your supply needs, size of trailer, plans for growth, etc. have u seen any trailers that you would like to model?

As we grow and have begun acquiring multiple rigs, I find I am always redesigning/tweaking our setups to better assist us. If you could try to make a list of all the things you appreciate about the other rigs you see you can start to visualize your own build.

Setting up trailers may be my favorite part of the biz. Talking with other suppliers, pw’s, employees etc. everybody seems to gave good input to help improve “the next build!”

whatever size you get, you need to consider being big enough to support your growth. Soon you will find that 4gpm is costing you more money than it is earning you and you will want to get a 5.5 or 8 gpm in order to make real money. Along with space for more machines you will need a bigger buffer tank, room for extra hoses because they will blow when you least expect it, room for at least two of all known spare parts plus room for unknown (things you thought would never break) spare parts, surface cleaners and related parts. In my area its much easier to drive a big box truck than it is to try to maneuver a trailer and most employees will not have any experience towing trailers.

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we have a 7x16 enclosed trailer tandem axle that is a good for commercial work. I am looking to set up a flat bed for residential .and we will probably get out of towing trailers soon