Pressure Washing Season!

It’s pressure washing season for me boys! Just lined up 6 jobs in the Bay Area! Woo!

Are you guys getting more calls now too? If so where are you washing from??

Wash Life baby!

Sorry about all the exclamations, just pumped.


Every time I see or hear this I throw up a little in my mouth. Be careful. They’ve probably trademarked that now. I’ve also heard they’re releasing a book.


:rofl: :joy:

It’s past time, get on it man. This is a side job for me and have done 12 houses this month already with 4 lined up this weekend!

Amen, there are few things I hate more than washing. There was some cat on here that has that tattooed on his arm. Craziness.

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Seems like PW is getting more gimmicky than car sales. There is always something knew and overpriced on FB every other week.

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You got to be kidding me, not once in my life have I ever thought washing dirt and mould off of wood and concrete would place me in a position to have this immense display of pride and honour lol.

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Wait, am I the only one with a PWRA tattoo? I thought that was part of the initiation