Pressure Washing Roofs

Guys, I searched the bar first! Didn’t find much on this specifically.

I absolutely agree that high pressure on the roof doesn’t make sense. So please don’t bug out on me for asking but I truly want to know your input.

There are soooo many guys in South Florida that will jump on your roof with a surface cleaner and call it a day. Not to mention for $99. Crazy. I obviously would never do this, and would only Soft Wash the roof with proper chem, etc.

I was doing a Comp set in my area for pricing. One guy was pretty straight forward and said something along the lines of…

I can do either one you prefer but each have their pros / cons.

Pressure is going to take granules, or concrete off but won’t need chemicals.

Soft Wash will not damage the roof shingles but uses chemicals that can rust roof nails and eat at any rails, and roof structure.

I guess my questions is, we all know the Pros to Soft Washing especially the efficiency, profitability, and safety aspect, but what are the cons to soft washing as far as damage goes…?

Also, what did all you weathered old timers do before all this “Soft Washing” low pressure stuff!?

I remember watching someone clean a roof 20 years ago and he was using this water broom contraption, several fan jets on a 2’ wide bar. Made an absolute mess of the front yard.:flushed:

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Biggest con i can think of is protecting the plants on the ground when working alone.

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