Pressure washing resource association?

I was looking up some stuff on the forum and across a guy on here who used a pressure washing resource association template to put together a broschure i really liked! I checked into it and spoke to someone a few weeks back who told me when i signed with prwa i get all the pdf templates which can all be edited to my spec which i think it great (and i believe it was only around $99) i also saw something about a small discount on some products on pressuretek i believe if i was a pwra member! Are there any other perks i dont know about? How do i sign up! I tried reaching out to someone on the site today but looks like theyre off weekends

I signed up through the forum. If you look up at the top, you will see three horizontal lines click that and then click on the link for the PWRA. I signed up for $99.00

Was it worth your purchase?

I just did the other day. I haven’t logged on yet to see everything. I’m hoping to get some use out of some of the templates.

Thats my main reason for signing up!

@JessicaPWR would be the one to ask about the membership. I paid the $99 fee and have access to all those templates. Haven’t really used it yet. Supporting this forum is worth the $99 alone. I probably wouldn’t have a business without it.


Well now I feel bad. I never signed back up because I thought we were told a couple of years ago they weren’t taking any more members. Pretty sure it’s on their website.

Marketing materials, discounts on tools, use of At Cost Printing, discounted tickets to The Huge Convention and access to the buiness systems templates. THere’s probably more that I can’t remember, but its worth it.

I was wondering this as well.

Seems like a few moderators are around, but does not feel like any cohesive “organization” in that you do not see “official organization” type post, notifications,etc.

I would jump to pay a $99 fee to be a member, but have been questioning what do you get in return when it feels like just a thread board?

Can someone provide the details of membership?


Scroll down after clicking the link.

Free shipping alone pays for your membership. Not to mention the fact that the free info and mentoring this forum offers should make an optional membership a no brainer!


I didn’t know they had opened it back up for members. I joined and left the have book page about a week ago. Way to much obscenities for me, but I’ll send in the $99 to keep this forum afloat

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Yea most of the perks are found at the window cleaner site, supposedly once they finish renovating that site they’re gonna do the pwra one

They have great downloadable forms and templates


Hi All! Late to the party, apologies!

WCRA/PWRA Membership is open for enrollment here:

Think of the WCRA/PWRA as one organization, not two. They used to be separate but we combined them a few years ago. It didn’t make sense to have people pay two separate fees. There is material centering around window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and lots of other traditional add on services.

It is $99 to join and that gives you membership for one year. That includes perks like:

If you have more questions about the membership the best way to get your questions answered is to get in touch with me:


Hope my previous response helps! Give it a read and contact me if you have any more questions. Happy to go over things with you. This forum and the membership are both helpful but are two completely different resources with different goals. I just don’t want to see people mix up the two or think they are one in the same.

It is worth it, by far, in cost savings you get from not having to pay graphic artists to do nice advertisements for you… There is thousands of dollars worth of free material at your fingertips after you sign up and then all you gotta do is get on and find a good graphics artist to modify your ads- FOR CHEAP.

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