Pressure Washing Repair Class the day after NOLABAMA- the Huntsville Workshop

For those of you with Pressure washers, how many of you have had trouble with your equipment? If your like me, it never breaks down at the shop or near my repair guy or when I can call someone…its always at night on the weekend at 2am! HERE IS THE CLASS FOR YOU! Russ Johnson from SouthSide Equipment is putting on a paid 4 hour course on Repair and Maintenance in Huntsville, AL AFTER the Workshop on Sunday November 11th. The cost for this class is $149.00 and I promise will save you money! You do not have to attend the Workshop to come and this class is open to everyone. Here is what will be covered:

Hour 1:
Basic trailer / truck set up
Pre-trip the rig
Engine troubleshooting
Why is there gas in my oil?
Charging systems
Valve and governor adjustment
Identifying oil leaks
Loss of power - what to look for

Hour 2:
Pump troubleshooting
Rebuilding the pump and what to look for
Unloaders - theory of operation - emergency fixes
Plumbing - to the pump through the gun

Hour 3:
Burner principles of operation
120 volt vs 12 volt pros & cons
Burner controls
Repair and adjustment

Hour 4:
Engine wiring systems
Machine circuitry
Burner wiring
Q & A

There will be a 10 minute break between each segment.

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This looks like a great line up… Russ really knows his stuff.

Yes Russ knows his stuff. I would like to see him do this class in NOLA as well.

One minor repair that you handle yourself will pay for the class many times over in shop costs and down time.

Good point John… Good Point!

Thad you should set that up!

I would love to if I could manage to work it out logistically.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Russ Johnson’s pressure washer repair class.