Pressure Washing Connection Diagram - correct?

Hi All,

Having read / watched etc. I think I’ve got a sense of where all the various bits of pressure washing equipment go and connect up with each other - as per the below diagram. Dotted lines are to suggest optional equipment.

This doesn’t have what, set-up how, used when, etc. - one understanding at a time :sweat_smile:

If you get a moment could you review and see if I’m missing anything?



The downstream injector is on the machine right after the unloader. You’ll then have a short ‘whip line’ going to your reel which has the pressure line on it.

The supply/garden hose is on a reel, then a short hose to the buffer tank from it to the top with an automatic valve to prevent overflowing (Hudson).

That being said you’ll need a gear or belt drive machine to draw from a buffer tank, not the direct drive pictured. And the hose reels pictured aren’t for professional use.

Are you located outside the US?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply- yep, UK based here.

Interesting on the positioning of the injector. Unless I’m not understanding what I’m looking at (very possible ;} ) I’ve seen both positions being used. In this one the injector is plugged onto the trigger, with the main pressure hose running from the trigger to the washer.

Whereas here it’s configured as you suggest.

Not sure on the physics, but certainly more practical I would have thought or is this something to do with ground level / roof level working? :thinking:

Tweaked the picture to be more representative, but thanks for the equipment pointers. Will be picking the ‘what’ is needed once I have a proper grip of ‘how’ this all works together.

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Aha, thanks for the clarification. Had to be something simple :melting_face:

Xjet is almost identical to an injector, just attached at the gun and can potentially draw 2-3 times as much chem. Drawback is you have to carry around a pail of SH which can be problematic. I ditched mine after a few months.

Many of us nix the xjet and switch to a dedicated 12v chem application system, and when you REALLY get the big-boy jobs you switch to an AR45 or air powered system.

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