Pressure Washing Clip

Here’s a clip I shot the other day while I was cleaning the back loading area of a Chick-Fil-A. I’m redoing the video - I didn’t realize all the time wasted in it. I’m sure people will click off of it before they see my phone number and information - so I’m redoing that. But I thought the cleaning part came out pretty good.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

That came out very nice. I don’t have a hot water unit. Can I still do that kind of work with cold water and a surface cleaner? About how much do you charge for that much work? Thanks for the input.

Phil, you “can” do this kind of work with a cold water unit, but it will take much longer and use a lot more chemical. In other words you can, but it would be really difficult to make money at it. I charge between 0.06 to 0.25 per square foot for this kind of cleaning.

Micah, what video software are you using?

Guy, it’s Final Cut Pro for Mac.

What are your basic cleaning solutions for flatwork like this?

It’s a custom blended degreaser. I make it fresh each morning!

Do you ever use commercial products or do you mostly use your own blends and products?

Yes. I do keep commercial products for some things. I always have Fresh Wash on hand… I have a local source for a good bit of other cleaners, like 12.5% and gutter cleaner, d-limonene, ox acid, and such.

what do you use [COLOR=#333333] d-limonene, grease pits like in that clip? I use it for cleaning upholstery. works great on hair and body oil[/COLOR]

Yeah, or for interior cleaning like cleaning a garage floor. The big plus to d-limonene is the smell and the plant based aspect. The bad thing is the price.