Pressure washing Bonding

Who are you all using as a bonding company for pressure washing.

Do you understand what bonding is?
I laugh at potential clients when they ask if I’m “bonded”…
Insured, sure, but bonded?
Some of my commercial landscaping clients make me get bonded to their property.
It means that I will service there property and if I can’t provide that service They get their money back.

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Typically you only have to be bonded if you enter a residence or business. You are investigated ny a state entity and are obligated to put money aside into a state or other controlled account. If your guys steal something the customer is paid out of that account. If you need to be bonded check with your insurance guy and he will point you in the right direction

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I had someone ask me about bonding as if it was somehow required for me to be ‘legit’. Bonding is more of a feel-good term in the service industry because: we get paid upon completion of services unless prior arrangements are made Edit in which case the customer trusts you’ll get it done.

If you cant provide the service, they likely haven’t paid yet because… you cant provide the service? I know there may be some extreme examples of when bonding would come into play, but it’s not likely encountered by any legitimate service company or customer.

Correct. There’s also a difference in pressure washing where you need to complete the job 1 time, and in commercial lawn maintenance that requires us to be there every week.

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I clean the windows for a small storefront every other week and bill monthly for $20, does that count?! :smiley:

Maybe? But it wouldn’t be worth putting $3-$5k into an escrow account for that.

Awww, well maybe someday!

Exactly what I am talking about being bonded to a commercial account. I have the opportunity to get some government jobs and they asked about bonding. So yes I do know what bonding is and what it means. Maybe I wasn’t clear with my question. What is the best way from people who ARE bonded to approach and get bonded? In other words the BEST process from experienced people.

I discuss bonding with my commercial accounts after the bugs are all worked out and we’re approaching the contract signing stage. I’m not going to waste my time/money with the process until the ink is hitting the paper.

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