Pressure Washing 101 Guide

Have you thought of Transylvania?
Last untamed place of Europe.
My family lives there just 20 miles from Bran castle( known here as Dracula castle). If you want to visit let me know. I can arrange for you to stay with my family.

Thanks but no. My parents carried me to see the original Dracula when I was about 4-5. Back then no one had air conditioning so for the next couple of summers I laid there sweating in the heat in terror that he was coming thru my windows, which were always open in the summer, LOL.

So how the heck did you end up in Fl. Long way from home.

So I shouldn’t tell you that I am a cousin of Dracula !!! Lol

Long story short , had an uncle that succeeded in running away in the 70s and came to America. He settled in Florida and got sick in 06 and I took care of him and meet my wife here and still here.

@Racer is messing with you. We know movies weren’t invented when he was 5


LOL, we had movies but they were definitely black and white.

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Amazing how many actors from the olden times still have descendants in Hollywood today.

I bought the paper copy to just keep in the Tahoe. Happy to support a fellow vet. Thank you.

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