Pressure washer trouble

So I did a my first commercial property today curbs and sidewalks around large pediatrician/dental office the place was huge and paid well . But the big problem was my pressure washer will not stay running at full throttle no matter what I did . I pulled the carb off and cleaned it and it seemed to help a little but still couldn’t open the throttle up like I needed it to be . So the job took roughly 6 hours and should have taken maybe 4 at the most . I had to constantly restart it . I have no clue what the issue is any advice would be awesome

Knee jerk thought is carb or tank venting. I could see if a tank has the vent clogged just enough to not handle the draw from a full load.

Okay thanks I’ll check that tomorrow morning and see if it helps

I have cleaned and cleared out the air vent lines and it stills seems to be having issues . I bought this machine brand new in November so I need to call them up and see what the deal is . It’s a Briggs 425cc triplex pump 4gpm at 4400 psi made by water canon

Check all fuel lines, Fuel filters, Carb, and spark plug. Also check oil level, depending on your model if the oil is low, the engine will shut off. Also make sure washer is on level ground. If none of that work’s, I’d check venting as MrFixit suggested.

Pulled the bowl off the bottom of the carburetor and fuel comes out fine no bubbles or nothing . It does however need a new paper gasket for the carb but that wouldn’t cause the issue I’m having . I’m pretty mechanically inclined
I can rebuild engines for cars but this is just trumping me at the moment . I’ve got spark and I also have fuel . It will start up fine every time until I open the throttle all the way then it acts like it floods out and shuts off . But starts right back up if it were flooding it should back fire . It’s really weird , I guess I I’ll keep tearing down the motor to see if I can find something wrong with the throttle mechanism

The fuel pressure on a Honda GX series is 1.5 PSI. I would see what fuel pressure your getting, as any variance will disrupt your fuel to air ratio. Yes the pulse pump does wear its also good for about 2 feet of lift. Ive seen a set-up use a 12 volt pump with a regulator before.

What SHWSLLC and MrFixit said are great place to look first too,

Are you sure its being flooded with fuel? or is it running very lean? They sound pretty similar. What do your spark plugs look like?

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Spark plug looks great I mean this machine is brand spanking new . Also if there is an admin that could take care of this unicorn guy/gal trying to send me to a fraudulent link that would be awesome and greatly appreciated

@Jakespressurewashing Did you figure out the culprit behind this issue yet? I’m interested in hearing what the problem was.

Did you check the throttle spring to make sure it hasn’t come off for some reason

Takeit to a local pw dealer. They’ll figure it out