Pressure washer rig in winter

I have a enclosed trailer and am thinking about getting rid of it
Aggravated with trying to pull all the time with tight areas. Like neighborhoods and stores and no way to mount hose reels and I’m tired of hand rolling lines every job
Thought about flatbed truck
But what are you guys doing when it’s below freezing cold out
I work in winter alot to so winterizing is not a option

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I washed in Connecticut…I did one of two things depending on the temp. My skid drew water from a 325 gal agri tank in my Ford E-350. From the tank bulkhead to the PW pump was a 5’ whip (or draw hose). I simply put in a quick connect near the tank and when I was done washing for the day I disconnected the whip, drained the tank, dropped the whip into a bucket of 50/50 antifreeze and ran it through my system (Pumps heater coils etc.) until I saw antifreeze come out the other end for a few seconds. Second method and simplest, I just placed two electric heaters in the van at night. Never had a frozen pump. If you’re going to run a flatbed set up and don’t want to winterize it (as you stated). I guess your only viable option is to garage it, or figure out a way to enclose the unit in some sort of an insulated blanket/tarp and run a heater of some sort.

I have an enclosed trailer and work all winter in Ontario Canada. I either run antifreeze or an electric heater. I am looking into installing a RV Heater for next season. Pilot is on outside so gas fumes shouldn’t be an issue. I hope!

Rob Ward
Ward Pressure Washing