Pressure Washer Products system diagram: use 20' or more of hose between buffer tank/water filter and inlet to pump. Why & how?

I’ve come across their system diagram several times while reading posts here. Was looking at it again earlier today and noticed this recommendation. Why do they recommend this, and how many people are actually doing it? In every system I’ve seen running out of a truck bed the main supply line has been well under 10’ long.

Just a little confused and curious about the reason for their recommendation.

When you take your advice from dodo’s they could mean " when they actually wrote ’

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There isn’t a single reason it needs to be that length. It’s a piece of hose.

As @dperez suggested, I’m sure they meant 20 inches minimum, not 20 feet. But I honestly don’t know why they recommend any minimum length between the filter and pump. Maybe their theory is that the strainer introduces some turbulence in the flow, that needs some space to smooth out?

I know some recommend a minimum length of straight hose before a chemical injector, for a similar reason.

At any rate, I always reference PWP’s diagram as a good starting point, and not the, “be all, end all” of the discussion.

For reference, I used 1” hose on my 8gpm build, and maybe 16” of it between the strainer and pump. It’s working just fine. (I also use PTFE tape on all connections. I’m just careful not to leave any of it protruding past the fitting. I’m a bit OCD and don’t like using goopy stuff like pipe dope. Dope vs. tape is purely a matter of preference, IMO)

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Ha, I’m the same but I wire brush any tape off that’s left exposed for the “aesthetics”


Well this is all rather embarrassing. Even though it isn’t a high-res image, the more I look at it now I’m sure it is an inch mark. I have no idea why I thought they meant feet, since if I had read it as being in inches I would never have started this topic in the first place. It’s like my brain was looking for a reason to be confused. SMH.

Apologies to those of you who wasted your time reading this and replying.

Carry on.

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Astigmatism sucks…everything looks like feet, yards, inches lol.

My eyes are great but that image does suck. For me it was just the power of suggestion that did me in :joy:

Astigmatism does suck, and my currents glasses aren’t up to snuff anymore. I actually backed out of my scheduled LASIK surgery earlier this month to give it some more thought.

My wife had the laser eye procedure done. She loves it. She still looked for her glasses when she jumped in the car, I had to remind her that her eyeballs are good now :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::joy:

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