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So I ordered my starter unit and a 16in whisper wash. I got in last friday 4/4/20 on freight. Everything was packed great and secure. But I went open the whisper was the tips were missing. No biggie right I’ll just call them and hopefully they would get them to me ASAP. Well is been over a week and still haven’t received them. I called them that Friday and the person I talked to said he would have out to me tomorrow. Thinking that’s awesome there going to overnight them. Well called Monday and they told me they forgot to put them in the mail on Friday. Called Wednesday they said they were out of stock of regular tips so they sent me upgraded ones. Ok cool but I said I didn’t mind buying some because I’m going to lose business. He said no we will get them to you. Called Friday and told them still haven’t received them and if I could get a tracking number or something and they said they would call me back with it and no call.

It’s my fault to be honest I should of just ordered some Saturday and been happy if they came in. Just giving anyone a heads up if they decide to buy from them. They have some really good prices and they do answer the phone but just make sure your not counting on something little to do business if you buy a surface cleaner.

Sorry for the wall of text

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What size tips do you need. If I have them I’ll send them to you. Sorry you had to do business with them. Lori has been banned from pretty much any forum she has been on and they don’t practice ethical business methods.


wish I would of know that before hand but you live and learn right. I’m not positive on tip size, I asked them if I needed to order and they said they would put the correct size in before sending it out. I bought a 5.5 gpm 3000psi belt drive. From what I’ve read it’s a 25– I think. Sorry still learning. Thanks for the response

Funny you knew who I was talking about and hand the wrong name on the title

Try 2503. I have a ton of 2502 and 2504 but they won’t really help you any.

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Thanks I will order some now

Yeah, I pretty much had the same experience when I ordered from them last time. Never an issue with Pressure Tek or Southside.

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Do you have a northern tool nearby? They usually carry nozzles, although they’re typically a little higher.

I’m so lucky, Southside is 15 minutes from my house.:ok_hand:

Like IBS said, 2503’s are good, what I’m using on my 5.5/3500. You may also want to get some 25025’s having a bit less PSI.

I’m still learning though, it’s a process of trial and error.


Thanks for all the info guys! I put. A order in for both just to give them a try. And no really no where close that I can find anyway that carries much PW equipment. I’m in Shreveport la

Maybe Try a carwash supplier. Or, Amazon is pretty fast.

There are 2 stores in Houston. Doug Rucker and Washmart in a pinch.

Call Whisper Wash. They come with the good nozzles. Tell them you got surface cleaner and that it didn’t have any in it. They’ll sell you all you need and ship same day. But they’ll probably give you a set if a new unit.


Wow didn’t know that about Lori. Never ordered from them before but seems like I see a lot of people saying they love her on some of those groups.

Most of us do, and they’re real good on pricing, especially major items and her Dad is incredible if you need help, but if I’m just needing odds and ends I’ll usually order from Bob or Russ because customer service on little things can be a hassle sometimes.


I’m sorry to hear about your experience with PWP.

I ordered my 5.5 gpm machine, 16 inch whisper wash, hudson float valve, plumbing kit, nozzles, tips and a bunch of fittings from them, back in February. Received everything about 3 weeks later in perfect condition. No missing items. On my order the surface cleaner tips were nicely packaged in the box containing all of my small fittings and accessories.

I talked to Lori several times through out the process and she was always very nice and informative. I would definitely do business with them again.

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I love doing bus with them too.

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So I called them again today, and after Lori looked into it she found out they sent them to the wrong address a couple states away. I’m not saying don’t buy from them. I received my unit and whisper wash quick and was pleased with that process. Just wish we had a little better communication on the tips. If they knew they sent them out and I keep calling about no receiving 2 5$ items. I got a email today showing shipping details.

They do have really good prices and I would recommend them if someone asked. Lori was sorry and did apologize. All is good