Pressure washer package deal or just pressure washer

I’m trying to pull the trigger on either the package deal from Pressure washer direct model EB4040HG or just the pressure washer itself from Pressuretek. 1999.99 vs 1652.66. I’m leaning towned the package as I would very much like to get the best bang for my buck as I’m entering into the residential presure washing buisness. Insurance quoted, llc in the making, trailer purchased, scouring for buffer tank.

Before I get the “who are you” Question. My name is Quentin. I’m on the brink of busting out and anticipate doing house washing as well as driceways, walkways, fences and whatever else I can personally clean with just myself at the helm here on the Gulf coast. Galveston/Houston area. Yeah, it’s pretty dirty around my neck of the woods. That is me :).

I doubt anyone here is gonna know what the “package” consists of and, I doubt anyone will take the time to go see what it is. If you gave more detail on each, you’d probably get a reaponse.

I have to retire my backup p.w so I’m getting a new one to. Water cannon has the same model. Honda gx390 4200psi 4gpm. Out the door delivered for free for $999.00

Thank you for your response here is the link for the package deal. Pressure-Pro EB4040HG-HTQBS 4000PSI Deluxe Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business Kit w/ Belt-Drive, Aluminum Frame, General Pump & Honda GX390 Engine 49-State Compliant I apologize for being the lack of detail on my first post to the forum Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’ll help alot! AR pump or general is my next question I’m looking into it right now.

5.6 @ 2500 machine for $1600 shipped to TX from KEC supply
16 or 19 in whisper wash surface cleaner $400-$650
a better ball valve $50 pressuretek
J rod and nozzles $40 pressuretek
at least 100 ft of hose $120/per most vendors


Everything else use the search


That same setup u just listed was is the setup I got about a month ago

All the brands that you listed are sorted by your personal prefference/performance/experience or you didn’t meant that ?

General is bad. AR is worse.get udor

Bigger machine will clean faster, and i live in Houston so i know how much shipping was for it
If you take a pole on the best surface cleaner, whisper wash will win, Mosmatic would probably be second.
The ball valve in the original link he posted wont last as long as the heavier duty one you can get from pressuretek
The nozzles included are high pressure tips, so its best he have some low pressure nozzles
The cheapest hose most vendors sell is $100-120
The pumps just do a quick search. A lot of machines come with general pumps and they work great and all the vendors have parts for them. CAT are suppose to be a little bit better but more expensive to fix, and Udor are just considered to be the best.

So my post is a little bit of preferences but is based off years of knowledge from guys who have been doing this for a while. Their is a lot of wrong info out their so i always encourage others to do some research and just find out what works for them.

I personally believe in once and done, so i try to buy the best i can afford. When i started i really didnt want to spend the extra $5-600 on a belt machine but im so glad i did. I made the mistake of buying a hammer head SC, and although it still works its not as good as my whisper wash so now i have to spend more money to replace it.

Thank you for taking the time to send me that info. Wind in my sails!

Thanks for the insight. I just bought the same machine but from watercannon for 999.99

Are you sure that is belt driven and not direct drive? for 999.99?

“General is bad. AR is worse.get udor” - Innocentbystander

I would be very interested in seeing your objective evidence to back up this ridiculous claim.

Do you have some data that proves this or do you just think your own opinion is so great that it needs no substantiation?

Stay in the business for awhile and it will make sense.

14 years isn’t long enough? What does it take 20, or 25 years?

I’ve been using AR and General pumps for 14 years and never ever had one single issue.

So, just exactly what should I be looking for?

It’s a direct drive. I’m getting the same but it is belt drive from Pittsburg Paint for $1250. That’s about as cheap as I can find for belt

So what makes the belt drive better just to know???

Steve. Relax. Take a breath. I gave my opinion based on my thoughts and experiences. Great for you if after 14 years you are using the same pumps without ever having a single problem. Even udor has to have a repack every 4 or 5 years. Easy friend. You know that all caps signify yelling? Jo need for that here.