Pressure Washer - Maximum Distance

My boys are always trying random experiments and this one is seeing how far they can get a stream to shoot from a pressure washer. Is there a particular type of nozzle I can buy them to maximize distance? Obviously the further the water stream goes, the more it will disperse. Trying to go for maximum distance with minimum dispersion and not sure how to get that. How important is the PSI rating of the pressure washer (e.g. in terms of distance, is there a huge distance between a 1,000 and a 3,000 PSI machine)? Any feedback would be awesome.

Are you a contractor or a homeowner?

PSI is pounds per square inch. While it plays an important role in distances we would also need the other two important variable to tell you which would shoot the furthest. gpm and what you want the final pressure to be at.

There are a lot of variable that can change your results. gpm, length of hose, hose diameter, nozzle size & shape, wand type, restrictions slowing or blocking flow, the psi your machine makes, and what you want the final psi to be, ect can all effect which nozzle you want/need.

In general a very restrictive nozzle will not shoot very far due to water misting, the larger the nozzle orfice is the further the stream will be able to travel with less mist.

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