Pressure Washer Maintenance

Did some basic maintenance on one of machine today so I was thinking… whats your oil and weight of choice in your pressure washers. Also what else do you do to keep your machines running good and how often.

I change out the oil & filter at least once a year. I also change out the spark plug once a yr. As for oil I’ll buy whatever’s on sale at Pep Boys and usually I buy straight 30.

I also change the pump oil yearly and tighten the belts a few times a yr. We did break 2 belts off one of the machines this past week so belt maintenance to us is important. We always cover the burner stacks when not in use so foreign objects such as leaves,rain stay out of them.

Oil change every 40-50 hrs. 10w-30 Castrol. Oil Filter change 80-100 hrs. Air filter twice a year. Pump oil once a year or at 500 hrs.

We change engine oil every Friday and engine oil and filter every other Friday. I run Udor pumps and have never changed the oil in them. Some have been running 8 years with the same pump oil. We use Honda 30w in the engines. We don’t use air filters on the machines.

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When I was an owner operator I found myself changing my oil almost weekly. I use to wipe down my engines with a damp cloth to keep them looking new.

Then when my light bulb went off in my head to relinquish control by hiring guys I went thru at least 15 guys to get to my 2 stars today(9yrs now with these 2 bulls). I didn’t push them to go crazy changing oil etc. I wanted them to work as hard as they can and I paid them accordingly. The maintenance is now only handled by me and I slacked…but I still make sure all oil is changed and my engines all run smoothly even thou they look used and abused.

Don’t get caught up on over doing your maintenance. Work them hard and make the money while keeping your engines running smooth with some maintenance to them but don’t need to go crazy like I did when I was a sole operator like some of you guys. I use almost all Kohler engines which are built tough and these engines excel on working long hours with the very bare basic maintenance needed for them.

Looking pretty is one thing…but it’s nowhere near as important as making money. Now if your equipment can look pretty while you put thousands of hours on it and your making bank…well then your obsessed…lol… In a good way that is:) Don’t ya just luv this business?

I know I do;)

I hate this business with a passion. It is a means to an end. We change the oil weekly because that is how often they hit the 50 hour mark. I ran kohlers until the ethanol content got to high and then switched over to Honda’s.