Pressure washer is blowing through o-rings

Hello, this is my first post.

I have a Troy-Bilt power washer that keeps blowing out of the end opposite the unloader valve. Took the unloader valve out and the little pin inside seems to be working properly. I bolt it back together and fire it up, the motor runs great but as soon as I start using it, within 30 seconds, water comes jetting out of the end of that housing that the unloader valve is screwed into. So the opposite side. I replace the o-rings thinking it was a bad o-ring, but sure enough next time I fire it up it just comes blowing out that end. So much so that the o-ring ends up squeezing through.

Any thoughts?
Also, the picture I posted is showing the leak but only at hose pressure. When the pressure washer is on, it comes out just like it’s blowing through the end of the gun.

Hi Marty. Looks cracked/broken there, looks like you can get a replacement pump for about $140. MTPV 93505

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Thank you for the response, but I’ve looked at it closely and there are no cracks. Just the o-ring squeezing through under pressure.

I’m with Jake. It looks like there’s a small hole where the o-ring is coming out. Can you take a straight on picture without water coming out and post it?

Thank you for your response. Here are a few pictures, I will say that the top piece that holds the unloader doesn’t seem like it sits perfectly flush. It almost seems like they should be a gasket along with the o-rings.

Here is a picture of what I think we call the manifold, open.

I can only post one picture at a time because I’m a new user, sorry for the multiple replies. But here’s one of the unloader.

One more. You know what they say, look long enough and you’ll find a crack. Driver side front Allen screw that holds down that manifold has a crack.

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You could try and braze that crack but you’ll still have an issue with the o-ring squeezing out. Not sure if jb weld packed into the slit where the o-ring squeezes out would work or not. It might buy you a little time but I’d just replace the pump. You can probably find some cheap aftermarket pump for less than $100. You just want to make sure the the bolt holes line up, it’s the right size for the crank, and the gpm and psi are similar.

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