Pressure Washer + human skin = Ouch

Just in case any of you have ever wondered what a Turbo nozzle at 8gpm-3000psi does to the sweet tender skin on your bicep…

How the heck did that happen

OOooooooucccchhhhhhhhh, thats gonna leave a mark

What. How?

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

And Michael’s employee was never late again…

Oh man… What’s the story on how it happened?

Two contractors in one lift gets a bit cozy. LOL. It was an accident. The others guy’s hand slipped off the wand and lost control of it. It slung up and over his head and was heading for my face. I tried to catch it when it simply washed my arm about an inch away. This was a couple years ago. The scar looks like a bio-hazard symbol.
It swelled my arm up full of water. Kept working through it. We were 4 stories up. Just kept tossing my bottled water on it. Got a script for antibiotics and Silver sulfadiazine cream.

I bet that hurt for days. Looks like you got in front of a wheat burner. Baskets bring there own hazards as I was almost pulled out of one from my foot getting tangled up in a weld lead while moving.