Pressure Washer Hose

What brand of Pressure Washer Hose do you use?

I have a Home Depot Garden Hose that I love for my yard. It is the best hose I have ever owned. Does anyone have any experience with the Good Year Pressure Washer Hoses?

Never used Goodyear before, I’ve been using northern tool pressure washer hose for a while now, seems to do ok for me, as far as garden hose we use apex 3/4, has good flow and no problems with kinking.

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I have heard mixed reviews on good year. And I wouldn’t buy any hose from Home Depot, pressure hose at least. We use r1hose for house washing from If you wanna get fancy get he non marking for a few extra bucks.

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Basic 2-wire out of Dultmeier catalogue. Cheap and has held up great for me, one pin hole in 6 months (rubbed on my hose reel for a day). Finally starting to show wear on the outer cover but still holding. Just about a $1.20 / ft with ends

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Call Bill at I just ordered 150 ft for $150. Shipping included.

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i think the cat premium pressure hose that home depot sells is really good. i have 150’ of it and it’s held up really well. it’s gray non-marking. i have some blue non-marking that came with my machine, but it does leave blue spots on stone and stuff, easy to clean off, just annoying.

i don’t have as much experience as most of the guys here though, so my opinion probably doesn’t count for much…

We use 200’ ft hoses and lately have been using the Goodyear Neptune hose. I always check with my supplier to see what hoses are having trouble and which ones are working ok. It changes constantly

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Lately we have been using Legacy Rawhide 2 wire hose from KEC Supplies. . Be sure to register with them for their best prices. They also give PWRA members a good discount on top of that. So be sure to call to get your best deal.

Someone said they used Northern Tool hose. I have used it too in a pinch because I can pick it up locally, but the life expectancy is not good when you use it as much as we do. But if that is what you are looking for, KEC has the same hose for about $30 less than Northern.

We have been using the Goodyear grey one wire with good results…trying a couple lengths of the blue this year

Any idea what is the current best 4000psi non marking hose on the market?

I too have had good results from the grey goodyear hose. Even though half the hose is worn down to the metal wire, it hasn’t burst yet. Mind you I made a mistake and bought the 5000psi stuff. Man its heavy but durable. Three and a half years in on a pressure hose I consider a long life.

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