Pressure Washer Hose kink

How long would it take to damage the pressure washer due to lack or pressure from the hose due to a kink therefore highly reducing the pressure

Can you reword the entire sentence? I’m not following what you are asking

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Maybe he’s asking how long it would it take to burn his pump seals up or overheat the pump due to getting the water supply kinked and cut off while the machine was running???

He saying something about linking the pressure hose I thought. Either way he probably is on the wrong forum to be asking homeowner questions

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When the sprinklers turn on i lose pressure in my rec room bar faucet. Anyone need a foosball table?

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yes this is what I’m asking… I didnt realize the hose was kinked and i was losing pressure but i kept using it thinking the hose wasn’t slightly kinked. Im hoping this didnt do any damage

You more than likely caused premature wear on the pump. Those sub-three hundred dollar pressure washers are not built to last long anyway. Regardless of what you might have done to it, just use it and see what happens. When it quits working go buy another one.