Pressure washer help

What’s this? It keeps spraying water out. Also my pressure washer keeps turning off when I try to start it. I changed the oil in the pump and regular oil change.

Thermal relief valve, when the pump overheats it’ll shoot out that valve in an effort to save your pump. Without an unloader bypass you need to be on the trigger at least once a minute.


Thx, do you think this could be why my pressure washer turns off after like 10-15 seconds?

Possible the pump is damaged in some way, but could be any number of things.

Have you left it running in the past without squeezing the trigger and letting water flow? You know, lay the gun down and go do other things while it’s running?

What kind of motor is it? Does it have a low oil shut off switch. Will it run longer if the choke is on? Does it cut off if you have the trigger pulled?


Take a video and show us.

I’ve never in my life seen a thermal relief valve that looks like that, however I have seen plenty of pressure relief valves look exactly like that. Given the fact that his engine is dying leads me to believe the unloader is having a huge issue.

It’s brand new so it likely wasn’t rated for the machine. Just plug it and move on!

Here you go.

My Simpson/Cat unit had one.

Most interesting, thanks

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