Pressure Washer HELP!


Bought it online from Lowe’s and then it shipped to the store and I picked it up




Took my Simpson back to Lowes after a week


Take it back to Lowes and see what they can do for you.
If nothing else, you can always rent one to get the job done.
Much respect to you for your work ethic.


Okay I willl, thanks for all the help!!


Just reschedule. Let the customer know you bought a faulty piece of equipment. Honesty works.


Hey buddy I had a similar problem while back and I had to much oil in it and when I let some out it worked fine. Forgot which oil though. Pump or engine but just check both


A piece of debris could cause this. I’ve seen this on a “VRT3-EZ” unloader, I solved my issue by unscrewing the bottom bolt on the unloader(usually no plumbing here) and shooting air up through there to clear the debris.

I’ve only ever seen this one time for the record.

this is the unloader i’m refering to: