Pressure Washer HELP!

Hey I just bought a new Simpson 4200 psi professional pressure washer and I started it up and was running fine until when I let off of the trigger the whole pressure washer SHUTS down completely and I need to know I how to fix this because I have to do a pressure washing job for a client on Friday. Thank for help

Did it trigger a shutdown from low oil?

If the engine sounded like it was struggling right before it quit, it’s more than likely your unloader.
More information please.

No it is full of oil

The engine didn’t sound like it was struggling at all and I don’t think it could’ve been from the unloaded because it’s brand new

How about gas

Yes sir more than half way

Is the water on

Not trying to be a clown, but is the gas shutoff valve open? If yes, gas shutoff could be faulty. I don’t have good luck with poly valves.

I had an unloader with less than 5 hours on it take a dump.
How many times did this happen?
Was it for sure every time you let off the trigger, or was it a coincidence?
What happened when you tried to restart?

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Yea it is flowing out when I pull the trigger

Is the flux capacitor in tack?


Oops. Just reread it. The little tiny unloader on the thing goes bad. I had the same machine except a dewalt awhile back it did the same thing to me. It’s bet a can of Grizzly it’s the unloader.

Mine does not have that feature

O so I don’t know much about unloaders but it is already bad? I just bought it two days ago?

Yes it is

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Hate to tell ya, but that AR pump is not a good pump. It’s got a tiny little valve that releases pressure if don’t pull the trigger for awhile.

It would not surprise me in the least if it came to you bad.

I’m with @NewGuy89 Doug. I’d be willing to bet the unloader was stillborn.


O shoot, I’m 16 with my own little business and I have a job lined up on Friday so I don’t have anymore money to spend on a new pressure washer so what do you think I should do?

Did you buy it local?